Wedding Invitations Rais-Kelly



When Marion Kelly called and asked if I would design her wedding invitations she had a special request. She wanted to include artwork drawn by her neice and nephew but was having trouble picturing how it would all come together. We met for a cup of coffee at Side Street Espresso in downtown Anchorage and she showed me the detailed, beautiful arctic fox her niece drew and told me about the summer Solstice theme to the wedding.

I was so excited to execute the sketch after I left the meeting that she had a first draft within 24 hours. It was a treat to work with a bride and groom with such light hearts, great personality and beautiful sense of humor to infuse in their invitations. The total package included invitations, RSVP postcards, thank you cards and custom return address stickers.

In one email she wrote: “Annette, we love it so much we can’t stand it!!  Thank you, so much, for your vision and expertise.” But really I thank her for being a dream client and so much fun to design with.




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