MiX Entertainment for The Daily Evergreen

Publication Design


MiX entertainment weekly was a new section of The Daily Evergreen, my college newspaper that we launched in 2006. I was managing editor when the team launched the project and got to oversee the creation of the section and design of the publication. Later I really got to get my hands dirty as the section editor my last semester of school. These are some of my favorite pages from the project.


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The Daily Evergreen

Publication Design



I first fell in love with publication design at my college newspaper, The Daily Evergreen. I worked there from 2003-2007 spending most the time between classes and many a late night at the office in the basement of the Murrow building at Washington State University editing stories and designing pages on deadline. Newseum.com was my homepage and we are a passionate team of college students working on series and alternative story telling. I was lucky enough to be asked to redesign the newspaper during my time. I sat in several different chairs of the office and wore hats from reporter to copy editor to two-time managing editor and spent a summer as editor-in-chief. Above is one of my favorite front pages and below is two in a three-part series that won first and third places from the Society of Professional Journalist student awards in design in 2005.





The Idaho Statesman

Publication Design



Right out of college I was the front page designer at the Idaho Statesman where I was honored to working with a very talented crew of reporters, photographers, editors and designers. The forward thinking, alternative storytelling and maestro news team meetings  taught me so much about teamwork, collaborative design, info graphics and the future of news design. I was lucky to be there during a very exciting time when the news team was a Pulitzer Prize finalist for it’s coverage of Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho. My cover designs from this time won first place in news design from the Idaho Press Club.





Logo digitization: Urban Bamboo food truck

Branding, Design

Urban-Bamboo-990x742You know what’s almost as delicious as this food truck? Seeing something you designed driving around town on the side this food truck! The owners of Urban Bamboo came to me this spring to seek my help digitizing a logo design they had sketched for their tempenyaki food truck. They are the masterminds behind the look, I was more of a technical geek in this project than a creator. I recently saw Urban Bamboo at the final Spenard Farmer’s Market of the season and took this shot. Find out more about Urban Bamboo here.

Hot off the Press: The Insider’s Guide to Anchorage

Design, Publication Design, Visual Journalism


I didn’t grab my copy of the Anchorage Press last week until Sunday afternoon during a leisurely trip to Girdwood for a little lunch and exploration. So I was pretty pleased when I sat down at a restaurant with a copy of the press and the Insider’s Guide slid out. This is one of my most recent projects. I had a great time working with the wonderful folks at the Anchorage’s alt weekly on their combined visitor guide and restaurant special — Cuisine Scene. The visual theme was inspired by nautical and map design with some seersucker stripes and a splash of neon — an ode the the  bizarre combinations of lime, teal and tangerine I have been seeing and crushing on lately.

What are those lovely fonts?

Why they are called Seaside Resort, Pacifico and Futura.


First Alaskans: Kick start spring with April-May 2012

Design, Publication Design

There are still plenty copies of the current edition of First Alaskans, but I’m busy plugging away at the next issue. Before it’s replaced with the next edition, I wanted to share some of my favorite pages. We gave the magazine a mini design facelift this edition with one new font and a few eliminated to streamline the look and make the design cleaner, more modern. You might also notice new department labels that display the word “Our” in a circle, one of many little changes as the magazine truly makes itself at home with First Alaskans Institute’s vision. Instead of “Traditional Food” and “Native health” new department labels speak like an insider, not observer of Alaska Native culture — Our Culture, Our Health, etc. I’m continually proud of the work we do here with this publication. Now back to get back to designing the next edition!

A whole new look for The Cordova Times


Today I am so pleased to share my latest project — a complete re-design of The Cordova Times. When the editor of The Cordova Times bought her own newspaper in August I shot her an email wishing good luck. But I never expected three months later I would be staying up all night putting the finishing touches on the re-launch of the newspaper complete with a new look.

In the process leading up to the redesign we talked a lot about the tight-knit community of Cordova and what it wanted out of it’s newspaper. Even though it’s a small weekly tab, we decided to create faux section fronts for Schools, Fisheries and Lifestyles. As well as a weekly standing doubletruck called Around Town. The whole paper is big on local content and big on advertising too, for a publication of it’s scale. The community really stepped up and told the editor, “we want our paper to survive, how can we help.” It re-invigorated my faith in the future of journalism. Local, local, local.

We did something unusual. There were companies in who care about Cordova’s access to local news, but didn’t necessarily have a huge stake in advertising their name in Cordova. And some who simply wanted to support the newspaper above and beyond their regular advertising commitment. So we offered “sponsorships” of sort. Yearlong advertising commitments that included logos directly tied to content like tide tables in the Fisheries section and Kid Corner in the Schools section. We tried to keep it strictly to somewhat neutral content.

We completely re-mixed the Classified with big headers, a splashy Photo of the Week and free listings under a certain word count — on a space available basis — for newspaper subscribers. The old Cordova Times commonly had no Classifieds at all on any given week, and often had only two or three listings.

I’m completely proud of this project and think it looks even better in print that on screen. What do you think?