First Alaskans April-May 2012


There are still plenty copies of the current edition of First Alaskans, but I’m busy plugging away at the next issue. Before it’s replaced with the next edition, I wanted to share some of my favorite pages. We gave the magazine a mini design facelift this edition with one new font and a few eliminated to streamline the look and make the design cleaner, more modern. You might also notice new department labels that display the word “Our” in a circle, one of many little changes as the magazine truly makes itself at home with First Alaskans Institute’s vision. Instead of “Traditional Food” and “Native health” new department labels speak like an insider, not observer of Alaska Native culture — Our Culture, Our Health, etc. I’m continually proud of the work we do here with this publication. Now back to get back to designing the next edition!

FA-04-12-April-May-Cover14-990x637-2  FA-04-12-April-May-Cover16-990x637 FA-04-12-April-May-Cover23-990x637 FA-04-12-April-May-Cover28-990x637 FA-04-12-April-May-Cover31-990x637 FA-04-12-April-May-Cover33-990x637 FA-04-12-April-May-Cover35-990x637 FA-04-12-April-May-Cover36-990x637