Shop Cordova First Campaign

SCF decals


I had the pleasure of collaborating with the Cordova Chamber of Commerce to create a shop local campaign for Cordova, Alaska in spring 2014. We chose the words “Shop Cordova First” to emphasize supporting local business whenever possible in the small fishing economy off the main road system on the Prince Willaim Sound. I’ve been digging nautical-inspired design trends, so where better to use that inspiration than in a city whose economy is anchored ocean. We used a variety of AW Conquerer fonts, nautical stripes, an ocean blue, images of Cordova, and drove it the campaign home with some awesomely cheeky nautical wordplay. Yes, folks, I can write ad copy when prodded.

Shop Cordova 1-2 CT HOUSE2 Shop Cordova 1-2 CT HOUSE22

Shop Cordova 1-4 CT HOUSE Shop Cordova 1-4 CT HOUSE2 Shop Cordova 1-4 CT HOUSE3 Shop Cordova 1-4 CT HOUSE4 Shop Cordova 1-4 CT HOUSE5 Shop Cordova 1-4 CT HOUSE6